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Paws for Thought, The Theological Education of Rectory Puppy, March 2023

Tuesday, 28 February 2023 11:49

Paws for Thought
The Theological Education of Rectory Puppy

Welcome to the next instalment of the continuing theological education of Jessie (The rectory puppy) under the wise tutelage of Lexie (a wise old dog with formal theological training  and many years’ experience)

Jessie: Here we go again….Lexie: What’s that?
Jessie: We are about to go into lent and that means thinking about ourselves.
Lexie: Wow, you have been learning. Have you been studying the calendar?
Jessie: Nope, Rev Keir has got out his purple scarf, that means a bad time of year.
Lexie: It isn’t necessarily a bad time.
Jessie: It only comes out at Lent and Advent, both times when we have to wait.
Lexie: Waiting isn’t so bad
Jessie: You keep saying that but I am bursting with excitement!!
Lexie: About Easter?
Jessie: Oh, I don’t know. I am excited about everything.
Lexie: Do you remember giving up jumping up at people, last year?
Jessie: Yes and I have been trying all year to keep that going.
Lexie: So Lent was a good thing in your life?
Jessie: Yes, I get a lot more treats when I don’t jump up.
Lexie: There you go, so what are you going to work on this year?
Jessie: Jumping up, that’s my lent thing!
Lexie: The idea is that you work on something different each year.
Jessie: WHAT?
Lexie: Yes, Rev Keir is going to try to give up his connection with his phone.
Jessie: So he will have more time to play with us?
Lexie: Amongst other things, yes.
Jessie: Brilliant, what are you going to try to work on, Lexie?
Lexie: I am going to study St. Pauls letters to the various early churches.
Jessie: Why?
Lexie: I want to get a better understanding of why they were written
Jessie: But haven’t you already studied them?
Lexie: Yes but I want to improve.
Jessie: Oh, ok, well then I am going to give up sausages!!
Lexie: Really?
Jessie: No, what an awful idea. I may just have a wee nap and think about it.
Lexie: Good idea, we’ve got another week to make up our minds. ZZZZzzzzzz