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Paws for Thought - The Theological Education of Rectory Puppy - October

Sunday, 25 September 2022 10:25

Welcome to the next instalment of the continuing theological education of Jessie (The rectory puppy) under the wise tutelage of Lexie (a wise old dog with formal theological training and many years’ experience)
Jessie: Everyone seems to be sad.
Lexie: Well, the Queen has died.
Jessie: She must have had a long Christmas card list.
Lexie: I not sure I follow?
Jessie: If all these people were people the queen knew well, then that would be quite a list.
Lexie: I don’t think. The Queen knew everyone who is sad particularly well.
Jessie: Why are they upset, then?
Lexie: It will be because they feel that the Queen represented something important.
Jessie: Sausages?
Lexie: No
Jessie: Biscuits?
Lexie: No, More like, stability and consistency. Grace and quiet leadership.
Jessie: They don’t sound that important, well not compared to sausages.
Lexie: I understand your thoughts but imagine if Rev Keir wasn’t here anymore.
Jessie: You mean, Dead?
Lexie: No not that drastic, but rather he wasn’t in this Benefice anymore.
Jessie: OK
Lexie: And we had to stay here to carry on our important ministry.
Jessie: Who would feed us?
Lexie: There would be a rota
Jessie: And take us for walks?
Lexie: Again, a rota.
Jessie: I wouldn’t like that at all.
Lexie: Why not
Jessie: Well, I wouldn’t feel as safe without knowing who was in charge.
Lexie: Exactly. There is a comfort in the stability and consistency.
Jessie: So Rev Keir is not dead?
Lexie: No, Sorry to worry you.
Jessie: Phew
Lexie: And I think you are very cute, Jessie.
Jessie: I know, but why do you think that.
Lexie: I love the way you think Rev Keir is in charge, He walks us, feeds us, makes sure we have all our health needs met and buys us toys and sausages. Does that seem like someone who is ‘in charge’?