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Paws for Thought: The Theological Education of Rectory Puppy - June

Friday, 24 June 2022 08:59

Paws for Thought


The Theological Education of Rectory Puppy

Looking forward to our Summer holiday, the Dogs have had the opportunity to remind themselves of what beach weather might be. Jesse is ever excited about learning new things. And Lexie is still very tolerent of Jesse’s ‘enthusiasm’
But Jesse’s theological training continues under the masterful tutelage of an elderly, wise and educated Yellow Labrador, Lexie

Jesse: I love the hotter weather.
Lexie: So do I, but sometimes I find ait a bit too hot
Jesse: but you can always jump into the sea
Lexie: but we don’t live near the sea
Jesse: yes but any water will do
Lexie: I suppose
Jesse: especially those really muddy and smelly ditches
Lexie: hmmmm, Rev Keir doesn’t like us going in there
Jesse: I know, but it is such fun and very cooling
Lexie: At least we are able to shed out winter coat.
Jesse: Is that why so much hair is everywhere in the house
Lexie: yes, they try and clear it up but we just keep shedding
Jesse: Cool, can we choose a different colour for our summer coat?
Lexie: No, it just grows through the same
Jesse: but I wanted to go all rainbow colours, that would be awesome
Lexie: people might look at you a bit funny
Jesse: I don’t care, Rev Keir is always saying that you are loved just for being you
Lexie: That is right, but a rainbow puppy would be something quite unusual
Jesse: People colour their hair, I saw a woman who had a wonderful rainbow hairstyle
Lexie: Yes, but she was going to Oxford Pride.
Jesse: So I cannot go all rainbow colours unless I go to Oxford?
Lexie: No, Pride is a time when people celebrate who they are, particularly the LGBTQA+ community
Jesse: But I am proud of who I am
Lexie: Yes but some people find it hard to celebrate who they are
Jesse: why is that?
Lexie: Well society can put pressure on people to be like others. Which can make people feel like they don’t fit in
Jesse: That is really sad, we should celebrate everyone for who they are.
Lexie: Exactly, especially what you know that 68% of LGBTQA+ teenagers have had suicidal thoughts as opposed to 28% of straight teens
Jesse: That is awful, and the way to beat this is to have a big party with rainbow colours
Lexie: Not just that but it is important to recognise the importance of Pride
Jesse: Right, that does it, I am going to dye my hair rainbow
Lexie: Lovely gesture but I am not sure dye will take to your black fur……