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Paws for Thought: The Theological Education of Rectory Puppy - May

Tuesday, 26 April 2022 21:54

Welcome to the next instalment of the continuing theological education of Jessie (The rectory puppy) under the wise tutelage of Lexie (a wise old dog with formal theological training and many years’ experience)

Jessie: Lent was hard.
Lexie: Yes, but Easter’s great, isn’t it?
Jessie: Oh yes, but Rev Keir said we cannot eat chocolate.
Lexie: Yes, it is poisonous to dogs.
Jessie: I think it is just an excuse so that Rev Keir can eat it all.
Lexie: We did get extra bones and sausages.
Jessie: But it only lasted one day, lent went on forever.
Lexie: That is where you are wrong.
Jessie: What????
Lexie: Easter lasts until Pentecost, at the beginning of June.
Jessie: You mean there is more Easter celebration?
Lexie: Yes, but people tend to forget.
Jessie: I see, in that case I am going to remind everyone.
Lexie: How are you going to do that.
Jessie: Well, Easter is about Joy?
Lexie: Yes.
Jessie: And if Easter lasts so long we should share joy.
Lexie: Yes.
Jessie: I am going to greet everyone I meet with joy and love.
Lexie: I love your enthusiasm but I am not sure people will notice a change, that is how you greet them anyway.
Jessie: Yes, I know but now Lent is over, I can jump up at people again.
Lexie: I know you gave up jumping up for lent, that doesn’t mean you should go right back afterwards.
Jessie: Why not?
Lexie: Well that period of Lent is supposed to teach you something.
Jessie: Like what?
Lexie: How to live a better life.
Jessie: Hmmm, Not sure about that.
Lexie: Did people prefer you not jumping up?
Jessie: Yes, but…
Lexie: Perhaps a way of showing love and Joy might involve not jumping up?
Jessie: I suppose?
Lexie: So now you have used your lent challenge to improve yourself.
Jessie: Well, I sort of get it.
Lexie: It is all about reminding ourselves of love and joy and leading a better life.
Jessie: I’m just glad I didn’t give up sausages, that would’ve been awful.