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Paws for Thought: The Theological Education of Rectory Puppy - March

Thursday, 24 February 2022 20:25

Welcome to the next instalment of the continuing theological education of Jessie (The rectory puppy) under the wise tutelage of Lexie (a wise old dog with formal theological training and many years’ experience)

Jessie: I am really worried
Lexie: What is it, Jessie?
Jessie: I have heard about Lent.
Lexie: What are you worried about?
Jessie: We are being asked to give something up
Lexie: Yes, but this is about reflection and restraint.
Jessie: But I don’t want to give anything up.
Lexie: there must be something that you could sacrifice?
Jessie: like what?
Lexie: Sausages?
Jessie: Absolutely not – I cannot live without them
Lexie: Tennis Balls
Jessie: That is like saying give up breathing
Lexie: Naps
Jessie: Are you serious?
Lexie: How about a bit of time to help someone else?
Jessie: Does that count?
Lexie: Absolutely, sometimes we think that lent is about denying yourself, perhaps we should think about offering to others.
Jessie: I’m lost, how might that work?
Lexie: Perhaps over Lent, you give up some of the time you usually spend chasing tennis balls and do something that makes someone else feel loved.
Jessie: You mean like long walks, or cuddles, or sausages.
Lexie: Hmmm, yes but it is about them feeling loved – not, as I suspect, your tummy!!
Jessie: Everyone loves sausages.
Lexie: yes but you have to remember that they will be eating them not you.
Jessie: Ahh, I might have to rethink that then.
Lexie: Perhaps you could just take the opportunity to make people you meet happy with some friendly behaviour, WITHOUT JUMPING UP!
Jessie: I can try. But it’s really hard.
Lexie: I know but trying is all we are asked to do.
Jessie: OK, I suppose so.
Lexie: We that’s it then. For Lent you are going to give up jumping up at people.
Jessie: OK I will give it my best shot. I can control myself for a few days, how long is Lent anyway
Lexie: 40 days, about 6 weeks.