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Curate on the Hill - March 2022

Thursday, 24 February 2022 20:25

With Christmas a distant memory and Easter not yet on the horizon, we are in a strange time for the church. As we wait for the start of Lent we are just ticking along. This seems, this year, to be reflected in the feeling in the wider community. We have had such a challenging time over the last couple of years, that although the celebration of joy is somewhere in the future we are still waiting, ticking along. Clergy and Churchwardens, up and down the country are trying to navigate the challenge of reducing covid restrictions. There is not one solution, and this is a difficult balance to make. On the one hand we have those who wish to charge ahead and get back to normal (this does not even consider that the normal that people wish to go back to no longer exists). On the other hand, there are those who are very scared and apprehensive about going back to church. Whatever your view, please let us all take time to consider what is the motivation for those who hold a different opinion to our own.

During lent the church has an opportunity to reflect on what it does and what it should be. It is a time where people traditionally give something up for the 40 days of lent. Whatever your view, whether spiritual or practical, the denying oneself is a valuable experience. It doesn’t need to be much but the giving up of something can allow the joy of Easter resonate long after the chocolate wrappers have been recycled. For me I will be giving up more time to prayer. It may surprise people to know that I must work at my prayer life. It is not something that I find particularly easy and so throughout lent I will be giving this my focus.

I am also delighted to say that All Saints, Easton on the Hill has signed up to become an inclusive church. This means that they publicly declare that “We believe in inclusive church – a church which celebrates and affirms every person and does not discriminate.

We will continue to challenge the church where it continues to discriminate against people on grounds of disability, economic power, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, learning disability, mental health, neurodiversity, or sexuality.

We believe in a Church which welcomes and serves all people in the name of Jesus Christ; which is scripturally faithful; which seeks to proclaim the Gospel afresh for each generation; and which, in the power of the Holy Spirit, allows all people to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Jesus Christ.”

We have started a new type of service called Family Praise at All Saints in Easton on the Hill. This is a non-eucharistic service which means that there will not be bread and wine distributed. The service will be aimed at being accessible to all and is particularly focused on children and those who are not familiar with church. All are welcome to come and see what it is like. There will be singing, prayer, activities and I hope it is a lot of fun. Afterwards we will serve drinks and have cake. I like to think of it as a bit of a party. Family Praise will be happening once a month and will be on the third Sunday of the month at 10:30. It would be great to fill the church and allow us to follow Justin Welby’s wish for church to feel more like a party and less like a meeting. All are welcome (even if you are only coming for the cake).


Wed 2nd March             19:30          Ash Wednesday service @ LAXTON Church
Friday 4th March           09:00          Morning Prayer, Taizé
Sunday 6th March         10:30          Holy Communion
Friday 11th March        09:00          Morning Prayer – Common Worship
Sunday 13th March      09:00          Holy Communion
                                        16:30          Prayer and a Pint – The Blue Bell Pub
Friday 18th March        09:00          Morning Prayer, Healing and Reconciliation
Sunday 20th March      10:30          Family Praise
Friday 25th March        09:00          Morning Prayer, Celtic Style
Sunday 27th March      09:00          Book of Common Prayer Eucharist
Friday 1st April              09:00          Morning Prayer, Taizé
Sunday 3rd April            10:30          Holy Communion
Friday 8th April              09:00          Morning Prayer, Common Worship
Sunday 10th April         09:00          Holy Communion Palm Sunday
Friday 15th April           09:00          Morning Prayer Good Friday
Sunday 17th April         10:30          Easter Sunday
Friday 22nd April           09:00          Morning Prayer – Celtic
Sunday 24th April         09:00          Holy Communion
Friday 29th April           09:00          Morning Prayer – World Church

For more information about any of these events please check www.eastononthehill.church or
Facebook @eastononthehillchurch

Every Blessing

Rev Keir
01780 753283