Church of St Andrew, Collyweston

The Church itself, perpendicular in style, was built by Lord Ralph Cromwell in about 1440/2 allegedly as a thanksgiving for the Henry V's victory at Agincourt and it contains some evidence of a previous Saxon structure on the site.


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New Pattern of Services (from November)

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Collyweston - New Pattern of Services

(from November)

1st Week 9:30 – Benefice Communion

with CAOS @ King’s Cliffe

2nd Week Morning Prayer

3rd Week 9:00 – Holy Communion

4th Week 18:00 Evening Prayer

Spiritual Needs

We are meeting the spiritual needs, searching, journeying and questioning, of all in our communities; in open and non- judgmental ways.

Communicating Compassion

We can all communicate the compassion, loving kindness, straight-forwardness as shown by Jesus' radical inclusiveness, lived out in community, following His way.

Building Bridges

We are able to build bridges between how we are as individuals and as parts of different communities and how we can be, leading to what we find in the Gospels as the breaking in of the kingdom of God.

Big Issues

We will be looking out at the big issues facing our communities, our nation and the planet and working in partnership with all who seek to make a difference in ways that value all life, by being truly and fully human and breaking out of the confines of greed, self-interest and desire that bring division.